Insecticides & Herbicides

Quest Specialty Insecticidal and Herbicidal Aerosols

Item #NameDescriptionIndustryTech SheetSDS
Q4250 VS 102 Roach & Ant Spray Vanilla-scented, long-lasting, residual roach and any spray. PDF PDF
Q4290 CS 101 Roach & Ant Spray Long-lasting, residual roach and ant spray with a cherry scent. PDF PDF
Q4320 On Time Metered Insecticide Contains Pyrethrin and MGK 264. Includes (6) mound penetration tubes. PDF PDF
Q4350 Bug Ban Personal Insect Repellent Personal insect repellent with a pleasant scent. PDF PDF
Q4370 Fogasol II Room Fogger Water-based total release fogger containing Permethrin, Pyrethrin, and MGK 264. PDF PDF
Q4390 Stomp Wasp and Hornet Spray Non-flammable, non-chlorinated dielectric 40, 100 volts. PDF PDF
Q4520 Doom 2, 4-D, Bromacil weed killer PDF PDF
Q4540 Eradicator Multi-purpose insect spray PDF PDF
Q4580 Bug Ban Plus Personal Insect Repellent Personal insect repellent PDF PDF

Quest Specialty Liquid Insecticides

Item #NameDescriptionIndustryTech SheetSDS
Q4640 Double Trouble Water-based insecticide PDF PDF
Q4670 Adios EPA 25b compliant drain fly repellent PDF PDF
Q4650 Lights Out Certified effective EPA 25b compliant bed bug killer PDF PDF
403489 Insect-Away Gel Mint gelled insect repellent PDF