Standard Product Sizes: 4/1 Gallon | 5-gal. Pail | 15-gal. Drum | 30-gal. Drum | 55-gal. Drum

Winter Products

Item #NameDescriptionIndustryTech SheetSDS
DP513 De-Ice A ready to use liquid ice melt for use in localized areas. Keeps ice from forming and snow from sticking for hours. Melts ice and snow chemically without heat. Does not contain ethylene glycol which is poisonous to animals. Harmless to wood, rubber, asphalt, concrete, metal and most painted surfaces. Shopping Malls, Retail Shops, Municipalities, Factories PDF PDF
DP519 Snow Plow Release A protective coating resulting in a thin siliconized finish outlasting ordinary release agents. It is capable of reducing friction and piling of elements such as snow, dirt, sand, slush, cement, or asphalt. Includes a rust inhibitor which gives excellent equipment protection. Blades, Trucks, Buckets, Cement Chute PDF PDF
DP521 Asphalt Release Releases asphalt without bleeding
DP736* Alkyd-Hybrid Clear Coat Clear ferrous substrate coating. Protects metal surfaces from rusting. Ideal as a snow plow release. Blades, Trucks, Buckets, Cement Chute
DP9002 Superior Snow-N-Ice Melter Granular pink ice melter with CMA. NSF approved and EPA "Designed for the Environment Program". Will not cause damage from tracking and is safe for pets. Shopping Malls, Retail Shops, Municipalities, Factories

*Minimum order of 40 gallons