What's New?

What's New?

Diversified Chemical Products -

Introducing Bio-Clean DP0206! An Enzymatic Degreaser that is a powerful solution for cleaning problematic oil stains left by vehicles and equipment. The patent-pending formulation effectively removes oil stains on concrete and other surfaces. The beneficial microorganisms, including a patented microorganism, remove residual oil stains by degrading a wide variety of hydrocarbon compounds. Continued use prevents future soil buildup, maintaining surfaces that are truly clean.


We are now carrying new and improved hand soap dispensers. Our White Refillable Dispensers 2100-3 are our non-foaming version paired perfectly with DP0113 Pink Lotion Hand Soap. While our Smoke Refillable Dispensers 2100B-3 are foaming and pair greatly with DP0129 Foaming Lotion Soap


Check out our new Oxygenated Cleaner! This product is an all purpose, all surface, all neutral spray and wipe. It cleans, degreases, and is formulated with natural orange solvents to be fully biodegradable. DP0147 attacks mold, mildew, and soap scum. It can be used to clean up organic stains such as pet urine, wine, blood, etc. Oxygenated Cleaner also provides a pleasant orange peel fragrance. 

Fully biodegradable, safe to the environment, no chlorinated solvents, no petroleum distillates, 100% free of caustics, toxics, and acids. 

Areas of use:



-Exhaust Fans

-Kitchen Surfaces




-Carpet Spotter